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In 2004 we took ownership of the Hotel, renaming it Tiwi Beach Resort, with the romantic idea of creating ‘Paradise under African Skies’.  However, tragically in the new year of 2009, the resort suffered a devastating fire, with over 80%  destroyed.  Instead of being defeated we stated ‘the hotel will rise from the ashes’.  We wanted to build an eco friendly hotel that complemented Kenya’s coast line.  A place where guests felt at home, whilst enjoying the resort’s many charms and a personalized service.   A place that has something for everyone; be it a family holiday, adventure, romance or simply business.  

 The vision did not just stop there.  Being from Kenya and our roots firmly planted here we felt that with the development we wanted to give back something back to the people and the country that is so much part of who we are.  So as construction began, using where possible local tradesman, talent, materials, we decided to re brand the resort bringing in a hint of the local culture, whilst not losing the Tiwi Beach Resort identity.  After much thought and research we decided to re-brand as AMANI TIWI BEACH RESORT.  Amani being reference to the local Swahili language found on the Kenyan coast.  Swahili although used today throughout Kenya and the most famous of all the tribal languages was originally developed on the Kenyan coast and is a beautiful blend of the local African and Arabic language.  A beautiful word with a simple yet had a profound meaning, ‘Purity’.    This was important as this was truly our vision of what we wanted to achieve; so from the design, to the built, our ambassadors (staff) and to the way we operate our services.  

It has not been an easy task with many challenges on the way, but we can truly say that the creation of Amani Tiwi Beach Resort has been a labour of love.  This is evident in the small design details through to our staffs smiling faces.

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort is a breathtaking five star development, offering a beautiful blend of eco, African and Swahilli influences in design, lush landscaped gardens and a private white sandy beach overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Come enjoy the Magic that is Amani Tiwi and experience ‘Paradise under African Skies’






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